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  Trident places full emphasis on structural design. We put the workmanship and money where it counts ... in the basic design structure. We incorporate only the highest grades of marine aluminum, stainless steel, and wood products available. Our continuing and exclusive dedication to quality and technique of construction result in a product built for years of demanding service. 

We know from experience...and have the safety record to prove it!

 We realize that our customers cannot examine each and every one of the features incorporated in the construction of our superior quality vessels. There are 12 exclusive features incorporated in every Trident pontoon vessel. We have prepared the following list with photographs to help you understand and visualize why Trident boats really are the finest available in design, construction, and quality on the market today!

 1. Pontoon material.... Trident pontoons are constructed from the highest grade of .125 and .190  H-5052 alloy corrosion-resistant Marine grade Aluminum.

 2. Keels.... Our heavy-duty keels are solid .250 aluminum; welded full length to provide added strength and protection to each pontoon hull.

 3. Bulkheads.... Every 5-foot pontoon section is manufactured with a solid airtight bulkhead.  This assures compartmental buoyancy, added strength, and maximum safety.... These boats are virtually unsinkable!

 4. Inspection ports.... Each 5-foot airtight section of the pontoon is provided with a 3-inch inspection port. Each of these ports is sealed with a removable expansion cap and through hull inspection plate.

 5. Pressure test plugs.... Along with inspection ports, each 5-foot section includes the required U.S. Coast Guard air pressure test points.   

 6. Nose cones and End caps.... The nose cones and end caps are extremely important! Because the forward and aft areas of the vessel are the areas most likely to be damaged, all nose cones and end caps are built with airtight chambers on Trident boats.

 7. The “M” Bracket.... These brackets are designed to connect the pontoons to the deck. They are designed to maximize the freeboard and insure a dry, safe ride. The “M” brackets are each 36” long, .125 Marine grade aluminum and welded full length to the pontoon.


 8. Cross Members.... Trident uses .250 thickness, 2”x 4” cross members that are designed specifically for structural use. These are bolted together to join the “M” bracket to the deck. Transom and support members are .190 and .250 in thickness. Incorporating this “structurally designed” type of cross member absolutely guarantees the structural integrity of Trident pontoons!

 9. Deck Structure.... All of our decks are built with 3/4 inch, 7 ply Douglas Fir. Greenwood Forest Products supply this .40 CCA Pressure Treated plywood. Greenwood is the absolute leader in producing material for boat decking and supplies to us a 50-year guarantee with their XL-50 plywood! Trident recognizes that structural integrity combined with low noise acoustical values result in a deck structure of superior quality and longevity.

10. Hardware.... All fastening hardware including bolts, nuts, washers, and associated deck hardware are of the highest marine grade aluminum and stainless steel to assure quality and longevity in our Trident vessels!

11. Transom Mount.... T P P * Again, Trident has developed another unique feature. A computer designed high performance motor mount. This new design is constructed solely of 3/16” welded aluminum, and is self bailing.... This is just another example of our commitment to continue product improvement and another accomplishment in the category of design excellence!*(patent pending)

12. Structural Grid.... After the deck has been mounted to the cross members, one final and unique phase of the construction occurs. We employ a “ 4x4” structural grid system” to secure the three most important parts of the vessel, the pontoon, the “M” brackets, and the deck. This grid system is constructed using 4”x 4” structural aluminum angle material, and fastened with stainless steel hardware that totally surrounds the outer edge of the deck. In doing so, this results in producing a unique pontoon vessel with virtually no flexing, no matter what the length...Another Trident exclusive design feature!


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